Talk About FAKE NEWS

Trump and all of his ass kissing followers complain, daily, ad nauseum, about “fake news” (translation – any real news with true facts that they don’t like).  I find it, yet again, mind boggling how Trump and his ass kissing coward administration officials yield to his dictator desires by threatening to fire members of NOAA for “contradicting” Trump when Trump said Hurricane Dorian was going to end up hitting Alabama.

The FAKE NEWS part of this whole story is when either Trump or one of his ass kissing coward White House employees drew, with black marker, and extended hurricane path over Florida so that it reached into Alabama.  What is so laughable is the original path projection, as displayed on the chart, was in WHITE.  Trump is so stupid he drew in black marker and tried to allege that was the original projection display.

How much more are we going to take from this lying piece of garbage?

So now even the weather becomes politicized as the Commerce Secretary threatens to fire employees involved in “telling the truth”.

You can read an entire article published in the New York Times here:

Reinventing The Wheel

Boris Johnson is learning the hard way. He looks at Trump and believes that is the way to govern.

They both lack the ability to understand what “politics” is all about. It’s about being a statesman (woman); a gentleman (woman); someone who seeks counsel before making huge important decisions; the ability to realize no one likes to be bullied, threatened, or harassed.

They both are learning if you slap someone in the face, they’re going to come back and hit you with a bat.

Resistance – the one thing that brings these dictator wanna-be idiots to reality.

The Dumbing Down of America

I’ve made several posts referring to the desire of those whom believe themselves to be the elite to cut educational funding and do away with critical thinking skills and trade curriculums so as to dumb down the working class and, essentially, create a serf society burdened with heavy debt (ie school loans).

I was skimming through the talking head programs and was interested in how Fox was going to cover one of the President’s campaign stops which occurred last weekend.

First, I was annoyed with the lack of any balance in the coverage considering several of the President’s comments were clearly false and / or inaccurate.

Second, I was shocked when a 40 year old woman was interviewed and said she would vote for the President again, and I quote, “because he doesn’t lie”. I choked on my water.

This woman wasn’t stupid. She spoke rather clearly. But, she was clearly ignorant. I wondered how could someone be so convicted in her belief yet be so ill informed. Then it occurred to me – the dumbing down of society. The ignorance of only hearing evidence to support our pre-conceived positions. The failure to consider other positions and think through them critically.

If you want to see an extremely scary example of this, go to Netflix’s “Outlander” Season 1 Episode 11 – The Devil’s Mark. You will be quickly angered at the ignorance of the crowd, their failure to accept truthful evidence placed in front of them, the way the ignored expert testimony. Now, these people were feudal serfs, clearly uneducated, and the type of people who rarely travel more than a mile from their village. They get their information from travelers and clergy. All while failing to realize that maybe what they are being told isn’t true.

Fast forward today and a similar condition exists. People who are relatively uneducated, watch only one news program (if any), only get their news and information from a local church, and have no backbone to stand up and point out when something doesn’t make sense.

You would think our country had come such a long way since the Salem Witch Trials. Doesn’t look like it at all.

“You can’t argue with ignorant people”. – Mark Twain.

Irrelevant Garbage

Those are the only words to describe the ever increasing number of spineless, weak, immoral, coward enemy of the people, more commonly referred to as Republican Politicians.

12 politicians voted NO to extend the 9/11 medical benefits. All were Republicans. 2 were from Arizona. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar showed on the big board as nay sayers.

Apparently, seeing a living yet dying man testify in front of them made no difference. Hearing the stories of everyday blue collar heroes did not make a difference. You see, these two bastards are examples of politicians who think of us as “the unwashed”, the little people, beneath them, while they sit in their ivory tower (or whatever shit hole office they have) and believe themselves the elite of society.

Well, Paul and Andy, I’ll remember you at election time. FUCK YOU.

Trump’s Third Term

Although it has only been recently that I have taken notice of Trump’s allegation that his base might demand he stay on for a third term, I see there have been various references to that going back months now.

So, getting past the fact that he might not even get a second term; getting by the fact that he, as President, would not follow the Constitution; getting by the fact that his “base” is relatively irrelevant; getting by the fact that it would require some type of military take over / coup (and the military is not going to support this clown); and getting by the fact that his fellow Republicans and the American Public at large would force his removal from office, we have this little tidbit…..

For all you holier than thou Democrats and do away with guns bleeding heart liberals I ask you to consider the following.  I have been saying for years now, YEARS NOW, if you engage in practices that take self defense out of the hands of good citizens, only the criminals will have guns.  So, what are you going to do when, in the “only in the movies” scenario plays out and Trump’s base of mentally incompetent followers try to over throw the government.? What happens when his “base” living in various states starts “eliminating” all those who spoke out about Trump?  What happens when, again “only in the movies (think Red Dawn)” the Russians help Trump with an overthrow?

Are you really sure you want to do away with all methods of self defense?

I hope not.

By the way, I’m ready.  Maybe you should be too.

How Trump Can Make Himself a Shoe-In in 2020

I might be wrong (I usually am) but I don’t think any war time president has ever been voted out of office.

Right now we have three “hot spots” of problem countries: North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela.

Recent events show growing tensions and negative activity in all three areas.

I fear Trump will initiate some “national security emergency” and initiate a major action just before election time. A wave of patriotism will kick in and Trump will cruise into a second term.

Now, in full disclosure, I like George Bush (the son). Consider how his popularity sky rocketed after 9/11. I’m afraid this might happen again.