Closing Down International Trade

Just after the G7 meeting, which, apparently was a G6 meeting considering Trump didn’t play nice with the other members, Trump said, “It’s going to stop or we’ll stop trading with them. And that’s a very profitable answer, if we have to do it.” He added, “We’re like the piggy bank that everybody’s robbing — and that ends.”

I actually don’t have a problem with cutting back on imports, entirely, for three main reasons: it keeps the dollar in this country; it keeps jobs in this country; and we get to build stuff……… but for one thing…… WE DON’T MANUFACTURE ANYTHING ANYMORE.  So, where are we going to get our goods??  After an internet search of “American Made Products”, I couldn’t find ONE pair of jeans made here.  Not Levis, not Lee, not Wrangler, Guess, Diesel, or Lucky. Oddly, those companies are “American companies” but their manufacturing is not completed here.

I did find this list of sources for American made products:  (note: it is co, not com) (not very well organized nor pleasing to the eye, but still a good source) (organized by company name – not very useful if you’re shopping for an ITEM, but good to see if the item you found on Amazon is American made.)

Buy American.

(By the way, companies making jeans in the U.S. include:

Texas Jeans

All American Jeans

Bullet Blues Designer Jeans

Raleigh Denim

Todd Shelton

and True Religion.)


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