IG Report Scares the Hell out of Trump

It is clear and undisputed: Trump and his followers wanted to see two things come out of the report: 1) did Hillary Clinton and her cronies get preferential treatment in her email server investigation for political reasons?  2) Did the Justice Department and F.B.I. use their power, as Trump has repeatedly claimed, to help Clinton’s campaign and hurt his?

The answer was very disappointing but boy, when I was watching Sara’s press conference yesterday, did they all put a Trump spin on it.

After all the fluff it comes down to one thing and that is Comey violated FBI policies regarding publication of ongoing investigations and that actually cost Clinton the election.

So, Fox says: DOJ IG report reveals FBI agent’s ‘stop’-Trump text, calls Comey ‘insubordinate.’  Well, not actually.  It said he violated FBI policy.  Strike 1.

Sara says: It reaffirmed the president’s suspicions about Comey’s conduct and the political bias among some of the members of the F.B.I.  Well, it should not have done so.  There was NO bias found but for two lame brains who did NOT have any decision making power in the investigation.  Strike 2.

Trump says: The IG Report is a total disaster for Comey, his minions and sadly, the FBI.  Well, that’s just an over reach.  Total disaster.  Not.  Minions?  Oh, that’s just one of Trump’s daily insults which don’t mean anything.  Disaster for the FBI – hmm, not if you listened to the FBI Director’s Press Conference yesterday afternoon.  Strike 3.

The report covered two major investigations. The first was the Clinton email mess.  That is now closed.  The second is the Russian investigation.  That is ongoing.  And, what scares the hell out of Trump and his core is the fact that Mueller’s investigation is not political, non-partisan, but it is fair and rigorous.  Now, with Cohen firing his attorneys and cooperating with Mueller the chips are starting to fall. The

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