Big Mouths

Have you ever gone to the cigar store and sat down in the lounge with your favorite stick? You light up. You scan the multitude of tv screens for your favorite news or sports channel. Your drink comes from the bar. You sit back, light up and BAM – suddenly your aware of a bunch of guys in the back spouting shit about topics they obviously know NOTHING about.

But, even though they’re talking about something you are fully versed in, you keep your mouth shut.

Well, that’s what I’m doing right now. Listening to a bunch of clowns talking about that poor Arizona DPS officer who got killed at the end of July. All their “theories” and guesses about proper procedure. Commenting about how the “perp” was brought in all beaten up. How they “can’t blame them, after all he killed one of their own”. How they can’t understand how the “perp” got a hold of the other cops gun so someone violated procedure.

Hey, fuckheads, I got an idea: since you’ve never raised your hand and taken an oath; since you’ve never put on a uniform, shield and gun belt; since you’ve never worked a midnight and missed your 4 year old’s birthday; since you’ve never rolled around the street with some mutt, screaming for help on your radio, while a crowd surrounds you – shut the fuck up and don’t pass judgment.

I have spoken.

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