Fact Checking

No Rudolph, facts are not “in the eyes of the beholder” and no, you don’t get to believe anything you want.  You only get to believe facts.  That’s your responsibility as an independent thinking person.  If you refuse to believe facts, well, you’re simply not worth talking to.  Period.

Here is an article published by the New York Times, a PAPER OF RECORD.  Whether you like it or not this has been the paper of record for the past century, at least.  It takes Trump’s statements and matches them AGAINST THE FACTS.  Not, the “alternative truths” his core of uneducated unemployed followers believe.

It’s worth the read and it is a reminder of the daily, and continuing, disrespect Trump shows for his “core”, for his fellow countryman, for the nation, for the Office of The President and for the rest of the world.

He is unqualified and unfit for office and needs to be removed by whatever legal means are available.

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