Trump – Worthless??

Oh Trump Fans, I can’t Hear You…. Any comment on the charity fraud?
In 1987 or so, Trump started a charity foundation called, “The Donald J. Trump Foundation”.  He said he would donate the proceeds of the book he CO-WROTE, “The Art of the Deal” into the foundation.  He was then supposed to make donations to various charity organizations.  However, he stopped making personal donations in 2008 and started soliciting donations from outside entities.
Corporate records show there are only four board of directors, Donald, his three adult children, and a guy named Allen Weisselberg who is listed at the treasurer and CFO. Allen claims he wasn’t aware he was listed as a member of the board.  According to corporate records, there has not been any board meetings since 1999.    
Oddly, there is no physical address for the foundation.  Nor are there any actual employees.   
Finance records suggest donors contributed about $9.3m and Trump donated $5.5m with the last donation being in 2008 for $35,000.
Trump seems to have distributed some of the funds at various presidential rallies.  Since no charity can be involved in political activity, this is a violation.  Another very specific violation occurred during an Iowa fundraiser as money raised there was funneled to Trump’s campaign. 
Various sources have shown the settlement of lawsuits against Trump were financially made through the Trump Foundation.  Essentially, using charity funds to pay off his own debts.
Of the many examples of questionable activities is a 1989 payment of $7 to the Boy Scouts of America. That is the smallest “donation” ever made by the foundation.  It is also, by coincidence, the enrollment fee the year his son, Donald Trump, Jr., who was 11 joined.
Perhaps the most glaring example of the “value” this foundation has is a 2007 purchase of a $20,000 painting of Trump.  On the 2017 IRS Charity Form, he listed its value down to $700.  This year, the value was $0, essentially worthless.

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