Doing Trump – Al Capone Style

Alphonse Capone, the gangster leader in Chicago.  Murderer, extortionist, and bootlegger, he was never convicted of any of those crimes. Rather, he went to prison for, get this, tax evasion.


The FBI probe into the Russian interference in the 2016 election is not a witch hunt as proclaimed by Trump and all of his disciples.  Considering the number of convictions, guilty pleas, plea bargains, and ongoing investigations, the crimes were real.  Will the trail ever lead to Trump himself?  We’ll see.


There are currently 17 major ongoing investigations.  They can be broken down as follows:


We know Mueller is looking into various obstruction of justice events, campaign and transition involvement with Russians; Middle Eastern contacts with the compaign; the ongoing Paul Manafort mess; Moscow’s Trump Tower; WikiLeaks; and the Russian attack on our election process.


The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York has four big ones: funding of the inauguration, super PAC funding, lobbying by foreign nations, and Trump Organization finances during the campaign.


The US Attorney for the District of Columbia is on the Russian Spy, Maria Butina.


The US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia is working on the Internet Research Agency mess and Turkish influence as outlined by Michael Flynn.


There’s an odd investigation going on involving Michael Flynn and an un-named office.  It seems to be an intelligence thing.


Attorneys General in Maryland and Washington DC are going after Trump Organization records to see if Trump violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.  The one that says a president cannot accept payments from foreign powers while in office.


Not even mentioning the various payoffs and lawsuits settled by Trump which may or may not have involved campaign funds, and, or The Trump Foundation funds, we have the Al Capone issues. Ongoing investigations by the New York State Attorney General suggesting Trump profited, benefited or whatever other word you want to use from more than $400m in various tax schemes.  Now the New York State Tax Department is involved. The Trump Foundation, shut down last week after its assets were seized and distributed by NY State to legitimate charities, is under scrutiny for its accounting.  Now, the new Congress has set its eyes on securing Trumps tax return records.  It’s only a matter of time.  Trump got away with all that stuff discussed above.  He’ll go down for tax issues.



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