Another D List Player

In follow up to my “Incompetent Amateurs and A Country at Risk” post from a few days ago, I should point out we now lost one of our most experienced and respected diplomats.  Brett McGurk, the special envoy for the coalition to defeat ISIS, resigned in protest of Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria.

And now, we learn that THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, that’s right – DEFENSE, is being replaced with a Boeing executive WITH NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE.  Patrick Shanahan, another Trump crony was named as the acting defense secretary.  It should be noted this is his second trip to the wishing well.  His last appearance in front of the Senate Confirmation Committee about 17 months ago made it clear how unprepared, inexperienced, and unqualified he is to LEAD THE PENTAGON.

In fact, he submitted written responses to questions just prior to the hearing.  In those responses he said he believed we should stop sending weapons to the Ukraine.  (You know, the country fighting against Trump’s keepers in Russia.)  However, during his face to face hearing HE LIED by changing his tune and said he would support sending weapons to the Ukraine.

And, that’s when then Senator John McCain jumped all over him.  He pointed out his inconsistent testimony.  He called out Shanahan for not knowing what was happening in the very same Armed Services Committee he (Shanahan) was supposed to be involved in.

Shanahan has no government experience and no foreign policy experience.  Insiders at the Pentagon state Shanahan doesn’t understand the military culture and has struggled with high turnover on his immediate staff and tensions with the military services.  Sound familiar??  Just like our Moron – In – Chief.

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