The Dumbing Down of America

I’ve made several posts referring to the desire of those whom believe themselves to be the elite to cut educational funding and do away with critical thinking skills and trade curriculums so as to dumb down the working class and, essentially, create a serf society burdened with heavy debt (ie school loans).

I was skimming through the talking head programs and was interested in how Fox was going to cover one of the President’s campaign stops which occurred last weekend.

First, I was annoyed with the lack of any balance in the coverage considering several of the President’s comments were clearly false and / or inaccurate.

Second, I was shocked when a 40 year old woman was interviewed and said she would vote for the President again, and I quote, “because he doesn’t lie”. I choked on my water.

This woman wasn’t stupid. She spoke rather clearly. But, she was clearly ignorant. I wondered how could someone be so convicted in her belief yet be so ill informed. Then it occurred to me – the dumbing down of society. The ignorance of only hearing evidence to support our pre-conceived positions. The failure to consider other positions and think through them critically.

If you want to see an extremely scary example of this, go to Netflix’s “Outlander” Season 1 Episode 11 – The Devil’s Mark. You will be quickly angered at the ignorance of the crowd, their failure to accept truthful evidence placed in front of them, the way the ignored expert testimony. Now, these people were feudal serfs, clearly uneducated, and the type of people who rarely travel more than a mile from their village. They get their information from travelers and clergy. All while failing to realize that maybe what they are being told isn’t true.

Fast forward today and a similar condition exists. People who are relatively uneducated, watch only one news program (if any), only get their news and information from a local church, and have no backbone to stand up and point out when something doesn’t make sense.

You would think our country had come such a long way since the Salem Witch Trials. Doesn’t look like it at all.

“You can’t argue with ignorant people”. – Mark Twain.

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