Talk About FAKE NEWS

Trump and all of his ass kissing followers complain, daily, ad nauseum, about “fake news” (translation – any real news with true facts that they don’t like).  I find it, yet again, mind boggling how Trump and his ass kissing coward administration officials yield to his dictator desires by threatening to fire members of NOAA for “contradicting” Trump when Trump said Hurricane Dorian was going to end up hitting Alabama.

The FAKE NEWS part of this whole story is when either Trump or one of his ass kissing coward White House employees drew, with black marker, and extended hurricane path over Florida so that it reached into Alabama.  What is so laughable is the original path projection, as displayed on the chart, was in WHITE.  Trump is so stupid he drew in black marker and tried to allege that was the original projection display.

How much more are we going to take from this lying piece of garbage?

So now even the weather becomes politicized as the Commerce Secretary threatens to fire employees involved in “telling the truth”.

You can read an entire article published in the New York Times here:

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