Nice Try, “Deb” from Truthification Chronicals

There is a brilliantly edited video being posted by “Deb” of Truthification Chronicals that alleges to show the “Democratic Play Book” as revealed during a C-Span speech by Nanci Pelosi.  It discusses the “wrap smear”.

Wrap smear is a tactic famously used, almost daily, by Trump, White House Officials and Aids, and traitors to the American Public such as Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes.

In the clip, you will hear Ms. Pelosi outline, in interesting detail, how to smear a witness.

What you don’t see is the front few sentences in the clip where she says, essentially, “so, what the President does, is as follows” and then presents the plan in a first-person narrative as if she was Trump.

Nice try “Deb”.

Great editing, though.

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