How Trump Can Make Himself a Shoe-In in 2020

I might be wrong (I usually am) but I don’t think any war time president has ever been voted out of office.

Right now we have three “hot spots” of problem countries: North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela.

Recent events show growing tensions and negative activity in all three areas.

I fear Trump will initiate some “national security emergency” and initiate a major action just before election time. A wave of patriotism will kick in and Trump will cruise into a second term.

Now, in full disclosure, I like George Bush (the son). Consider how his popularity sky rocketed after 9/11. I’m afraid this might happen again.

So, How’s That Tax Break Working Out For You? #GOPTaxScam

Last year everyone was so flustered, excited, taken back, so in love with the 2017 Trump Tax Break for the “middle class”.  (Really????  3% is all it takes to get you excited?????). I quickly criticized it for what is blatantly was, a tax cut for the mega rich that was to be paid for by the middle class.  I further pointed out the great tax break you were getting would slowly disappear after 5 years.  Well, I’ll be the first to admit it when I’m wrong.  You see it won’t disappear after 5 years.  IT DISAPPEARED THIS YEAR.

Essentially, you were tricked by a scam artist whose only interest is in himself and his mega rich family and friends.  Already, millions are taking to social media blaming Trump and the GOP.  Most use the GOPTaxScam hash tag.  You got screwed in that you didn’t realize a tax cut has nothing to do with your tax liability on your return.  In fact, your LIABILITY WENT UP !!!

That’s right, already hundreds millions of middle class tax payers OWE MORE THIS YEAR (or, in some cases, are getting significantly less back). The IRS is reporting for 2019 the average tax refund check is down 8 percent ($170) this year versus last.  The number of people receiving a refund has dropped by 25%!!!!!  How can that be????  You were supposed to get a break in the taxes applied to your pay check and you were supposed to get a higher standard deduction on your actual tax return calculations.

The most significant changes to the U.S. tax code in decades created lower tax brackets and higher standard deductions.  However, it took away personal exemptions and limited the amount middle class taxpayers could deduct for real estate taxes and state and local taxes.  More or less a break even calculation.  Essentially, you got screwed.

Here are the 9 most popular deductions you can no longer take (that is, you got screwed).

  • Personal exemptions.
  • Home equity interest
  • Moving expenses
  • Job expenses
  • Tax preparation fees
  • IRA account fees – wow, if you ever got screwed, it’s on this one!!
  • Parking and transit reimbursements
  • Casualty and Theft losses
  • Certain college donations

So, let’s review.

  1. If your standard deduction went up, great.   But, if you then lost one of your write offs (this year you can no longer write off a home office if you work for someone else, and next year you can no longer write off medical expenses) then, you essentially got screwed.
  2. If your pay check was a little higher (the average is $24) because less taxes were taken out, then great.  However, the combination of larger paychecks and smaller deductions are leaving some middle class taxpayers that usually get a refund owing hundreds — even thousands — of dollars on April 15, 2019.  If you were then told “you forgot to file a new W4 and have additional amounts taken out”, then, you essentially got screwed.
  3. The Government Accounting Office is reporting 4.6 MILLION fewer people will receive a refund.  That means 4.6 million people GOT SCREWED.


Never Put it On Paper (aka Social Media)

Texas councilman Scott Dunn just deleted his Twitter account.  He probably will now suffer some form of mass media hysteria about his “bullying”, unprofessionalism, and ultimately a mass call for his “immediate resignation”, etc etc.

In brief Mr. Dunn responded to a tweet made by the freshman congresswoman from NY. “The embarrassment is to have bimbos like you with nothing between your ear”.  Apparently, he was responding to a tweet made by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about Trump’s State of The Union address.

When, oh when, oh when will people begin to learn….. STOP PUTTING IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA !!!!!  NEVER PUT IT IN WRITING !!!! or, better yet, learn how to argue !!!  Calling someone a bimbo is a long used cliche more correctly referred to as an ad hominem attack.  That is, you really don’t have a good counter argument so you just insult your opponent.  Much like the Ad Hominem in Chief does every day.

U.S. v China

The number of tooling engineers (folks who can create machines to make things – like screws) in this country could fill one large classroom. The number of tooling engineers in China could fill several football fields.

Do you why Apple makes Mac computers in China? Because when they brought the plant back to Texas they couldn’t find an American screw manufacturer!!!!!!! They took the plant back to China.


We need “border security”, right?  Isn’t that what Trump has been saying for years?  He states that our border is being accessed by drug addicts, rapists, kidnappers and heroin mules.

I wonder, then, what is the justification for shutting down the government when two of the most important front line border protection agencies, the TSA and the US Coast Guard, are essentially shut down.

How about all the auxiliary departments, contractors, and sub-contractors who service various law enforcement such as the FBI, DEA, and CIA?

Trump’s move isn’t “making America great again”.  It’s leaving us unprotected.