Trump’s Third Term

Although it has only been recently that I have taken notice of Trump’s allegation that his base might demand he stay on for a third term, I see there have been various references to that going back months now.

So, getting past the fact that he might not even get a second term; getting by the fact that he, as President, would not follow the Constitution; getting by the fact that his “base” is relatively irrelevant; getting by the fact that it would require some type of military take over / coup (and the military is not going to support this clown); and getting by the fact that his fellow Republicans and the American Public at large would force his removal from office, we have this little tidbit…..

For all you holier than thou Democrats and do away with guns bleeding heart liberals I ask you to consider the following.  I have been saying for years now, YEARS NOW, if you engage in practices that take self defense out of the hands of good citizens, only the criminals will have guns.  So, what are you going to do when, in the “only in the movies” scenario plays out and Trump’s base of mentally incompetent followers try to over throw the government.? What happens when his “base” living in various states starts “eliminating” all those who spoke out about Trump?  What happens when, again “only in the movies (think Red Dawn)” the Russians help Trump with an overthrow?

Are you really sure you want to do away with all methods of self defense?

I hope not.

By the way, I’m ready.  Maybe you should be too.

Here’s Some Crazy for Ya’

Trump has been found to be solely behind the funding and technical support for the 7000 person migrant caravan heading for out southern border.

Trump is hoping his base will place pressure on law makers to close the borders and increase arrests and deportations of illegal immigrants.

He is also hoping lawmakers will withdraw from treaties protecting asylum and thus allow him to immediately deport those migrants currently in custody.

Crazy right?? Well, if you are gullible enough to believe Democrats are behind the pending crisis then you’ll believe this too.

Disgust in The Newsroom

Fox News has GOT to be kidding me. They claim “words” are not actions. Even if Trump says “slam some journalists” he’s just talking. The Five is disgusting. They outright refuse to accept when the bully in chief encourages physical attacks on opponents that he would therefore be responsible for the morons who idolize Mr. Hump and the dangerous things they do.

Voting Out of Fear

Listen to both sides. They’re both making outrageous claims and trying to sway you over to their side out of fear. The appeal to emotion. argumentum ad metum. And, when they try to instill panic, it’s called argumentum in terrorem. Both are fallacies of logic.

Both sides are counting on lack of education. Sometimes literally, as in you’re a moron. Sometimes figuratively, as in you’re too lazy to check out the facts of their allegations.

Trump is making statements to suggest the current 5000 plus immigrant migration coming up from South America is full of criminals and Middle Easterners. No proof. In fact, there’s not one Middle Easterner among them. Appeal to your fear in hopes you won’t research the facts.

Dems once proclaimed “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” only failing to also say a large percentage of doctors were avoiding Obamacare like a plague. Hoping to scare you into believing you’d have to get new doctors without Obamacare, they lied.

They all lie. We have to remain vigilant, educated on the issues, willing to research the facts, willing to check into their allegations and we need to reward those that look out for the taxpayer, the worker, and those in desperate need of education with our votes.

Stop being scared and start being smart.

Who Were Those Cowards….

(I’ll apologize now in case I missed it but I ran up to the tv and looked hard to find at least one of those sheriffs who were armed. They were not.) ……..who stood behind Trump while he cried like a 3rd Grader about The NY Times op ed? A group of like minded morons who were so stupid they would allow themselves to be disarmed as if they were appearing in front of a king or dictator? A group of mind blinded followers who are so stupid they didn’t even realize their 2nd Amendment rights were suspended in the presence of his self declared greatness? They’re sheriffs!!! If they weren’t vetted, if they have psychological issues, if they can’t be trusted then they don’t belong in the same room with a president. And, they don’t belong in uniform.